Reports to: Executive Director/CEO

Classification Status: Salaried/Exempt; is classified as exempt and encompasses the basic
requirements stipulated by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Job Summary: This management position is responsible for the compliance and processing of data pertinent to the Coalition’s financial reporting systems for all grant awards. This would include all financial functions such as general accounting, budgeting, credit, insurance, purchasing, tax and treasury and overseeing employee payroll and managing the fiscal department. This position also involves discretion and independent decision-making. Work is performed under the general direction of the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer and is reviewed through conferences, reports and performance evaluations. This is a position of special trust and responsibility.

Salary Benefits: $45,000 – $90,000 annually + benefits; based on experience/credentials

Essential Functions:
The general responsibilities of the Finance Director/CFO are:

• Maintain familiarity with the history and statutory requirements of Florida School Readiness (SR) and the Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program (VPK) and with the history and structure of the Early Learning Coalition of Florida’s Gateway (ELCFG).
• Responsible for all aspects of financial and management reports.
• Responsible for the operation and control of an effective financial reporting system.
• Responsible for cash management.
• Maintaining and analyze financial records. Prepare, forecast, and manage the Coalition’s budget and monitor the budget for consistency with the Coalition plan. Initiates changes to the budget when necessary, and submits amendments, as required.
• Responsible for the preparation of forms, reports and other documents necessary for compliance with local, state and federal regulatory requirements related to grants received.
• Provide fiscal guidance, assistance, and support to ELCFG in developing and implementing budgets for ELCFG operation and for SR and VPK programs for Columbia, Hamilton, Suwannee, Lafayette, and Union Counties in accordance with state and federal statutes and the Division of Early Learning (OEL) requirements.
• Assist in the planning for additional funding sources. Evaluates and recommends business partnering opportunities.
• Create, update, and maintain fiscal and accounting procedures for ELCFG that meet state, federal and ELCFG requirements and conform to generally accepted accounting practices.
• Management of all components of provider payments and provider contracts.
• Monitor fiscal aspects of contracts with OEL and with SR and VPK service providers on behalf of and under the direction of ELCFG. This position will be designated as the Contract Manager for ELCFG.
• Grant Manager for all grant funded agreements. Prepare and present the monthly financial reports at Coalition Board meetings.
• Serve as the Public Records Request Administrator for the coalition; and train the Finance Controller as secondary backup.
• Must demonstrate the ability to compile, organize and analyze data; develop and maintain policies & procedures and rules of the Finance Department and fiscal affairs; develop requests for proposals(RFPs).
• Manage procurement/purchasing activities as required by the state and/or the Coalition.
• Reconcile bank accounts.
• Reconcile sub-ledgers to the general ledger (GL) and resolves differences.
• Coordinate audit/monitoring reviews, prepares audit/monitoring responses when necessary.
• Provide guidance to ensure that ELCFG and provider operations adhere to approved cost allocation guidelines and accounting procedures as determined by ELCFG, OEL, and state and federal statutes.
• Prepare cost analyses/feasibility studies and recommends action items.
• Responsible for the management of benefits and verification of payroll, computation of required and voluntary deductions and review of federal and state payroll tax reports.
• Process necessary documents pertaining to ELCFG with regards to the Internal Revenue Service(IRS), including levies (provider, staff).
• Manage the overall process of SR and VPK attendance processing/reimbursement to service providers in a timely manner in accordance with approved Reimbursement Schedule.
• Complete other quality initiative disbursements (e.g., mini-grants, scholarships, early learning incentives/stipends) to SR and PK providers in a timely manner.
• Maintain employee fiscal related functions, not limited to, payroll processing, payroll taxes, benefit administration, FICA and workman’s compensation, mileage, travel costs, and accounts payable according to specified time frames.
• Analyze expenditure data on a monthly basis, at a minimum, to facilitate and track overall service delivery while maintaining budget integrity. This includes tracking of major childcare data such as OCA expenditures, SR Match Allocation/Waivers, waiting lists, children served, budget thresholds and other areas as identified (slot forecasting).
• Develop bidding procedures & packages, facilitates contract negotiations, and prepares all contract documents related to the coalition and provider responsibilities and obligations, managing full provider/contracts on compliance.
• Ensure providers remain updated and current with federal, state and coalition policy direction concerning all issues pertaining to fiscal responsibilities of childcare programs.
• Prepare and present monthly fiscal reports to the coalition Executive Director prior to an ELCFG Board meeting or distribution to department leads; and to OEL in accordance with reporting requirements. Provides financial data for strategic planning, measurement, and evaluation of the coalition’s financial position. Present and articulate financials to stakeholders.
• Maintain ongoing and frequent communication with OEL fiscal staff.
• Protect organization’s integrity by keeping information confidential.
• Adhere to discretion and independent decision-making.
• Assist ELCFG with short-term and long-term fiscal planning.
• Must be available to work a flexible schedule to accommodate early morning, late afternoon, or evening meetings.

Other Duties:
• Attendance and participation in professional conferences, trainings, statewide and regional meetings, and other related events; business travel required.
• Work harmoniously with ELCFG Board members, Executive Director, other ELCFG staff and SR and VPK providers.
• Professional appearance and presentation.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer and as needed for the efficient operation of the Coalition’s finances.

Respective Responsibilities:
Immediately initiate investigations regarding any reported incidents of harassment as reflected in the organization’s Anti-Harassment policy.

Supervisory Responsibility:
Supervises Finance Controller
Supervises Contract/Compliance Specialist
Supervises Family Support Analyst

Supervisory Authority:
Has “great weight” in influencing the hiring and firing of staff under this supervision.

Education & Experience, Certifications, Licenses and Registrations:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance or Accounting required. Master’s degree or CPA preferred.
• Minimum 5 years of accounting experience required with previous management experience preferred.
• Experience in government contracts, invoicing, and procurement is preferred.
• An administration background or experience with governmental or non-profit organization is preferred.
• Knowledge of GAAP, FASB and governmental funding regulation’s/requirements is essential.
• Knowledge of accounting software (e.g., QuickBooks) and Microsoft Office Suite/Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Access and MIP Accounting Software and Tableau Software preferred.
• Must pass a criminal background check, Level II and E-Verify.

• Strong written and oral communication and preservation skills.
• Excellent public relations skills
• Organizational skills & Ability to train others with various learning styles.
• Professional attitude and demeanor
• Knowledge of general office equipment, i.e., copier, fax, computer, etc.
• Ability to use SharePoint, EFS MOD, MIP, MICROIX, Cherwell Tracking and other data reporting systems.

Bilingual candidates encouraged to apply.