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Eligibility Interview Checklist

Employment- Proof of 4 weeks worth of income for all adults in the household (recent paycheck stubs)

  • If paid weekly = 4 weekly pay stubs
  • If paid bi-weekly = 2 bi-weekly pay stubs
  • If paid semi-monthly = 2 semi-monthly pay stubs
  • If paid monthly = 1 pay stub


  • A completed Verification of Income (VOI) form for each adult in the household (New Employment Only)
  • A letter from the employer composed of the following information: rate of pay, hours worked per week, pay frequency and complete contact information of the employer (New Employment Only)
  • A current tax return
  • If self employed – a current year to date business ledger/log with hours worked, amounts paid, current dates or current signed, submitted, completed tax return.
  • School – Current school schedule indicating that parent(s)/guardian(s) is enrolled in paid
    classes of at least 10 hours or more. The ELC can give an additional (1) hour for each paid credit to equal 20 hours of activity.

Proof of ALL unearned income:

  • Six weeks of current child Support payments to include: court order, check stub, or print out.  (If going through the courthouse you must call them in advance to order and pick up is on Friday only. If you have your case number and log in information it can be printed in our office.
  • Proof of non-payment if ordered to receive support but it is not paid
  • Food Stamps (print out from food stamp office)
  • SSI or SSA current letter of benefits
  • Proof of State TANF child only payment (print out from DCF)
  • Proof of State Relative Care Giver Funds (print out from DCF, award letter, etc.)
  • Proof of all other unearned income (unemployment, etc)

Birth, Identification and Residency Proof

  • Birth certificate, recent immunization record, passport, valid military ID for children receiving care
  • Current picture ID for Parent(s) or Guardian(s) (Driver’s License, Florida ID, Passport)
  • Proof of Residency (Driver’s License listing current 911 address, utility bill, satellite bill)*Child Care Authorization Form (Referral from Employment Connections, Department of Children & Families, Partnership for Strong Families)**IF YOU ARE A PARENT THAT RECEIVES A REFERRAL FOR CHILD CARE UNDER WAGES, TANF, OR PROTECTIVE SERVICES, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR REFERRING CASEWORKER PRIOR TO COMING TO ELCFG**If you do not have all the required materials at the time of your intake, you will be asked to return at a later date with all the necessary paperwork. Keep Your Redetermination Date In Mind!No interview will take place more than two (2) weeks prior to redetermination date.