Early Learning Coalition of Florida's Gateway

Board of Directors

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ELCFG Board of Directors
1104 SW Main Blvd
Lake City, FL  32025

Representation: DCF

Name: Eva Jallah

Business: Department of Children & Families


Representation: Faith Based Provider


Representation: Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce

Name: Carol Milton

Business: Hamilton County Public Schools

Status: Member At Large / Officer

Representation: Florida Gateway College

Name: Dr. Pamela Carswell

Email: Pamela.Carswell@fgc.edu

Representation: For- Profit Provider

Name: Terri Boyette

Email: castlehillacademy@att.net

Business: Castle Hill Academy

Representation: Department of Health -Columbia & Hamilton County

Name: DOH (Columbia/Hamilton) Tom Moffses

Business: Columbia/ Hamilton Health Department

Representation: Department of Health -Lafayette & Suwannee County

Name: Kerry Waldron

Business: Lafayette / Suwannee County Health Dept. 


Representation: IDEA Representative

Name: Patricia Brantley

Business: Suwannee County School Board

Representation: North Florida Workforce

Name: Diane Head

Business: N. FL Workforce Dev. Board, Inc.

Representation: Private Sector 

Name: Brandon Fernald

Business: First Federal Bank of Florida

Representation: Private Sector

Name: Connie Anderson

Email: latressata@gmail.com

Business: Columbia Bank

Work: 386-487-3145

Status: Board Chair

Representation: Private Sector

Name: John Burns III

Business: State Farm Insurance

Status: Officer – Secretary

Representation: Private Sector 

Name: Myron McClendon

Business: Columbia Bank

Representation: Private Sector 

Name: Mantha Young

Business: (Retired)

Status: Officer – Treasurer

Representation: Private Sector 

Name: Melanie Howard

Business: Ho-Bo Tractor Company, Inc. 


Representation: Private Sector

Name: Dr. Jimbo Haley

Business: Olympic Health Chiropractic

Representation: Private Sector

Name:  Jennifer Barrs – Suwannee County


Representation: School Board – Hamilton County

Name: Annie Pinello

Email: annie.pinello@hamiltonfl.org

Business: Hamilton County School Board


Representation: School Board – Lafayette County

Name: Lisa Newman

Business: Lafayette County School Board

Representation: School Board – Suwannee County

Name: Janene Fitzpatrick

Business: Suwannee County School Board


Representation: School Board – Union County

Name: Stacey Rimes


Representation: School Board – Columbia County 

Name: Dawn Odum

Representation: Suwannee Valley 4 Cs – HEADSTART

Name: Michele Ward